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Blah blah blah – Local Government Conference at Harrogate

Local Government Conference (John Pienaar speaking)

Attended my first Local Government Association Conference last week in Harrogate. As you can imagine there was a great deal of blah, blah, blah but a few interesting speakers. Jeremy Hunt, the Health minister, put forward his ideas on how they were going to reduce demand on the NHS. It appears as though it’s all my fault – overweight, a bit of a smoker and I live on my own. So if I give up drinking, smoking and eating the NHS should be safe. Then all of us retired people should move back in with our children to reduce care costs and free up some housing – great in theory but it presumes that you have to got rid of your kids in the first place!

John Pienaar gave us his views on the state of the parties after the election – it looks like we could be in for a long spell of Tory rule. Mind you it was interesting watching the ‘group’ of Tories from Suffolk County Council spend 3 days trying to avoid each other. It is a worry for the residents of Suffolk because I just don’t see the quality of Cabinet member required to deliver the services with reduced funds. In two years time, with the Tory Government delivering the peak level of austerity cuts, the County Council elections could deliver a mixed colour administration.

I hope that the many Council CEOs that were there spent more time talking with the many exhibitors who seem to have already come up with some innovative solutions – my favourite was the rubbish bin that has its own built-in compactor thus reducing the emptying frequency.

Dave Busby
County Councillor, Belstead Brook
Spokesman, Audit and FInance

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Liberal Democrat Membership Soars in Suffolk

Join Us

In the week after the General Election, Liberal Democrat membership across the country soared by over 25% and continues to  rise hourly. This surge has – of course –  been replicated  here in Suffolk. The LibDem fightback has begun.

Over half of  new members are aged under 35, and  the vast majority have never been a member of the LibDems before.

A warm welcome to all our new members here in Suffolk! We are thrilled you have chosen to join us.

If you want to join,  get in touch with our membership office on 020 7022 0988, via the national LibDem website, or simply click the ‘join’ button at the left of the page. And remember, if you join before 3 June, you are eligible to vote in the elections  for the new  LibDem  Leader.

Caroline Page