Caroline Page: Councillor for Woodbridge

Caroline Page117 Ipswich Road
IP12 4BY
07545 423 837 (mobile)
blog Caroline’s WOODBRIDGE page
Twitter: @cropage


Caroline has represented Woodbridge since 2008. In addition to her County Councillor responsibilities, she is the Liberal Democrat spokesman for Roads and Transport and Vice Chair of Suffolk’s Education Transport Appeals Panel as well as a campaigner for rural transport, cycling, libraries, epilepsy & family carers.

A long term family carer herself, she is a founder member of the Wickham Market Family Carers Group and has been a director of HomeStart, Suffolk Coastal. She is also a campaigner for epilepsy awareness, having been appointed Epilepsy Society Champion 2013;  and shortlisted for Young Epilepsy’s Gold Champion award 2013.

Caroline has a degree in English language and literature from Oxford, a recently acquired GCSE in written and spoken Mandarin, and a background in publishing, writing and editing. She is a voracious reader,  an ardent walker,  and a committed cyclist and user of public transport. She does not drive a car.

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2 thoughts on “Caroline Page: Councillor for Woodbridge”

  1. Dear Caroline

    Being a user of public transport I would like you to have a look at my write up on the journey from Hell with “First bus” – Their passengers certainly don’t come first with them.

    May I suggest that we set a challlenge for other County Councilllors (that never use buses) to take a ride with us the public transport users to actually see how difficult it is.

    We set them a challenge of getting to a hospital appointment, just wanting to get into town with out having to plan it in advance and going out for an evening?

  2. Thnk you Margaret. I am convinced that if more public representatives and officers at all levels were dependent on the local bus network it would be a lot better than it is. Maybe we shouldn’t allow these excessive claims for car mileage – but only the miles necessary to take them to the nearest public transport – whatever the quality

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