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Liberal Democrat Membership Soars in Suffolk

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In the week after the General Election, Liberal Democrat membership across the country soared by over 25% and continues to  rise hourly. This surge has – of course –  been replicated  here in Suffolk. The LibDem fightback has begun.

Over half of  new members are aged under 35, and  the vast majority have never been a member of the LibDems before.

A warm welcome to all our new members here in Suffolk! We are thrilled you have chosen to join us.

If you want to join,  get in touch with our membership office on 020 7022 0988, via the national LibDem website, or simply click the ‘join’ button at the left of the page. And remember, if you join before 3 June, you are eligible to vote in the elections  for the new  LibDem  Leader.

Caroline Page

Don’t forget – Suffolk also has District, Town and Parish elections on May 7th

BannerDon’t forget there are also District, Town and Parish elections taking place across Suffolk this coming Thursday May 7th.

Local elections matter!

Support your local Lib Dem Councillors. These are the people you meet in the street, at local events,  the ones who listen to your concerns about the areas in which we all live. We are the ones who act and try to make things better for us all. We don’t grab the headlines, but go about our business thoughtfully and diligently to the best of our ability. We are the ones who live in the areas we represent – we might even be your neighbour – we care passionately about our areas and want to do the best we can to maintain them.

“Just local elections”? No way! When you are casting your vote for the national picture this coming Thursday don’t forget to remember to vote for your local councillors  as well. And make sure you vote for the person you can rely on to work for you.

General Election May 7th – A Few Facts to Consider

LD rosetteOKAY – after all these weeks the finish line is coming upon us.

Your LibDem candidates on May 7th are:

Bury St Edmunds   David Chappell

Ipswich   Chika Akinwale

Central Suffolk& North Ipswich Jon Neal

South Suffolk  Grace Weaver

Suffolk Coastal James Sandbach

Waveney Stephen Gordon

West Suffolk Elfeda Tealby-Watson

A few things to remember when you cast your vote on Thursday:

In 2010 the Labour government left a mountain of debt for the nation. Liberal Democrats shouldered unpopularity to take the responsible step of forming a stable coalition government. In the last 5 years 2 million new apprenticeships and 2 million new jobs have been created and Labour’s deficit has been halved.

The following initiatives were in the LibDem 2010 Manifesto and would not have happened without us:

  1. Tax cuts: Low and middle income earners have had a tax cut of nearly £1,000 a year. Because we raised the income tax threshold – as we promised (though David Cameron said it was impossible) people who earn £10,500 a year of less pay no income tax at all. We want to raise this threshold to £12,500.
  2. Education: We have invested in education, targeting funding at the most deprived children. This has meant an extra £60m for Suffolk schools. It is making a real difference to literacy and numeracy and has provided, for example, one-to-one tuition, breakfast and after-school clubs. In addition we have given free school meals to 5-to-7 year olds.
  3. Health: We have provided additional funding for health and introduced the first ever mental health waiting time standards. We will invest an extra £8bn a year in the NHS each year by 2020. We are the only party to promise this and say how it will be funded.
  4. Renewable energy and environment: We have trebled the amount of energy generated from renewables. We will introduce 5 green laws including protection for bees and pollinators.
  5. We have cracked down on tax dodgers – getting £9bn tax back through deals with Switzerland, Liechenstein and the Channel Islands. We have also prosecuted 10 times more people for tax crimes than happened under the last government.

Some endorsements in the national press:

The Times  “Nick Clegg made a bold decision to take the Liberal Democrats into government. Power has been a justified gamble for the Liberal Democrats…Their signature policy of taking people who earn £10,000 or less out of taxation altogether has been one of their successes.”

Independent  “Many of the good things the Coalition has done are owed to the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg may not personally recover from the tuition fees debacle, despite being right (eventually). But history will record him as the man who turned a party of protest into one of government.

Sunday Times  “…[the Coalition] did survive and this has been a period of political stability that would have been the envy of many majority governments of the past. Mr Clegg deserves to survive and so do his closest Lib Dem colleagues in government. Tory supporters in Labour-Lib Dem marginals may wish to vote for the Lib Dem candidate…


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