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Remembering Drinkstone’s fallen

Cllr Penny Otton and Robin Sharp, ViceChair of the Drinkstone War Memorial Institute unveil the Drinkstone embroidery
Cllr Penny Otton and Robin Sharp, ViceChair of the Drinkstone War Memorial Institute unveil the Drinkstone embroidery

On 1 November 1918, Private Arthur George Pryke of the 13th (Kensington) Battalion, London Regiment. was killed at Etaples, aged 27, and was buried in the military cemetary there.  He was the son of Walter and Kate Pryke, of Mead Cottage, Drinkstone near Bury St. Edmunds, and was one of  fifteen Drinkstone men to make the ultimate sacrifice in World War I.

Private Pryke’s devastated family had a commemorative embroidery made in memory of him . Nearly a century later this  has been restored and reframed and, after an official unveiling by Cllr Penny Otton, it will be on display in the Village Hall, which is Drinkstone’s official War Memorial.

” It is only a few months to the centenary of the start of WW1. So meny local men – 10,000 from the Suffolk regiment alone – died  either in France or later from their injuries. And for each family these deaths were not mere statistics, but individual tragedies. The family of Arthur Pryke had this embroidery specially made in his memory,” said Cllr Otton. “I was delighted to help with the cost of the  restoration of this powerful piece of history from my locality budget,  and was quite humbled to be asked to do the unveiling.”

The embroidery was  ‘unveiled’ in a simple ceremony at the Drinkstone Village Hall at 2pm on Saturday 2nd November 2013, 95 years and one day after Private Pryke was killed.

Drinkstone War Memorial

What your LibDem Councillors are asking SCC, 24 October 2013

BannerAt today’s Full council meeting, your LibDem councillors are asking the SCC administration the following questions. We will post the answers and any supplementary questions and answers arising from them

From Cllr Penny Otton to Cllr Lisa Chambers

16,000 pupils in England are severely bullied and cannot face going to school.  What alternative provision does Suffolk have for these children other than pupil referral units.

From Cllr Inga Lockington to Cllr Mark Bee

Is there anything in in any Customer First Contract between SCC and CSD to stop staff talking to a customer face to face.

From Cllr Caroline Page to Cllr Alan Murray

Following Friday’s permanent closure of the Sexual Health clinic at Ipswich hospital, I am reassured that Public Health is working hard to ensure some services will continue be available in Ipswich while a future location is created. Can you please tell me what  facilities for immediate STI diagnosis (eg microscopy), for immediate on-site free dispensing of drugs (as opposed to by prescription collected from a pharmacist) and for co-ordination of contact tracing  Public Health is ensuring are put in place in the immediate aftermath of closure?

Answers to LibDem questions: Full Council, 19 September

Questions we asked this month concerned Homecare packages, closure of Lowestoft’s  EAOTAs centre and the  disparity between amount of expenses Suffolk county councillors can claim for different forms of transport.

Below in full are the questions as tabled by your Suffolk Lib Dem Councillors at September’s Full Council on the 19th, together with a summary of  the appropriate  Cabinet member’s reply (plus supplementary question and response where appropriate).

Inga Lockington  to Cabinet member for Adult Care & Health  Allan Murray

Question: How many residents assessed as needing care support and living alone in Suffolk receive Homecare visits of no longer than 15min within their care package?

Answer:  We only commission packages that meet the needs of the patients and the basic package is for never less than 30 minutes.  However an extra package may be added in certain circumstances. This may be a 15 minute package

Penny Otton to Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Young People Lisa Chambers

Question: Following the interview I did with Sally Chidzoy on BBC LOOK EAST in July I am pleased  to discover that the EAOTAS centre in Lowestoft has NOW closed . Why did this take so long??

Answer; EOTAS is run by external contractors – despite SCC working closely with the last company we were unable to come to an agreement, so they were given notice.  The scheduled closure is Oct 25th.

Supplementary question: How are you supporting the children?

Answer: We are working closely with the parents to ensure a smooth transition.

Caroline Page to Mark Bee, Leader of the Council

Question: Cllr Bee, as you have made it a council commitment that Suffolk should be ” the greenest county” and that we should  ”strive to improve the health, life chance and life expectancy of our residents”,  will you now commit to a reduction of the extremely generous mileage allowance Suffolk County councillors get if they use their own cars for transport on county council business – and instead to incentivise county councillors  to set a good example  to the residents of Suffolk by travelling by public transport or bicycle?

Answer:    Council are committed to encouraging healthier / cheaper forms of transport.  Allowances and expenses are being reviewed by the remuneration review panel. Cllr Bee  says he will put these concerns to the panel

(you can read Caroline Page’s blog about her question here)