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David v Goliath: Suffolk LibDems see off Hadleigh Tescos

Dave Busby reaches the end of Movember - and hits Decembeard?

Twenty six years after it first proposed a store in Hadleigh, Tesco has at last admitted defeat and has withdrawn its application to build a supermarket there.

The supermarket giant has finally conceded that they cannot get past spirited public defence of Hadleigh High Street – which on this final occasion was led by Lib Dem David Busby and the Babergh Planning Committee.  District councillors voted seven to six to reject the plans. They decided they would be gambling  on the future of the whole town’s economy if they  the 2,500 square metre store to go ahead.

“Tesco would do more harm than good,” said Cllr Busby.“If we get the decision wrong and the high street goes down, we will never get it back.”

However he warns that the future of the town doesn’t end here.  ”This can only be seen as the start of the survival of the High Street, it doesn’t guarantee it,” says Cllr Busby.  ” A sustainable future can only be ensured by constant attention.It is now down to the people of Hadleigh, the retailers and the town councillors to make it happen!


Pylons: Suffolk Lib Dems “on the right lines!”

PylonSuffolk Lib Dems welcome the news that controversial plans to install overhead power lines between Bramford and Twinstead have been put on hold until 2020 at the earliest. Updated information from National Grid reveals that their  proposed 400,000 volt connection between the two sites is now needed later than originally planned.

“We are absolutely delighted! We have been saying all along that pylons are not required at present  – if at all,”  says Group Leader David Wood. “ Hopefully this delay will give us a breathing space to raise the game and finally get the entire route under-grounded.”

David Busby, County Councillor for Belstead Brook, also welcomed the news and pledged to continue the fight to have to whole line underground if this scheme does eventually come to fruition. “This is a small victory in the campaign started by my predecessor, county councillor and previous Lib Dem group leader Kathy Pollard, which was subsequently taken up by other local authorities,” he said. “Let’s ensure that this hiatus will persuade National Grid to finally think on the right lines.”

Busby’s Movember

Dave Busby: pre-Movember
Picture 1: Dave Busby: pre-Movember





Mo-vember  is upon us once again and Suffolk LibDems are already seeing a change to their dapper spokesperson for Finance and Property, Dave Busby, Councillor for Belstead Brook.

The mo-vement  is an annual month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November. The aim is to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancers and associated charities.

DaveB wk1 (832x1024)
Picture 2: Dave Busby, Movember 4th


We will be update the moustache scenario at the end of the month to see how he gets on..



Dave Busby reaches the end of Movember - and hits Decembeard?
Picture 3: Suffolk County Councillor Dave Busby reaches the end of Movember – and has his sights set on Decembeard?




Update: December 2013

Congratulations to Dave Busby whose Mo-vember efforts  managed to raise funds both for Prostate cancer research and for the Samaritans.